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Product Details
Menstrual disorder and female health solutio

Package : 600mg*50s

Usage: 4 capsules once, 2 times daily ( With the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, there will be a better result)



1. Not recommended for pregnant women

2. Keep product out of the reach of children

3. Do not use with alcoholic drinks ,cigarette, cold, spicy or oily food.




Health Benefits

1. Lowers abdominal pain

2. Regulates vaginal bleeding when menstrual bleeding is too much

3. Menstrual disorders

4. Relieves Menstrual abdominal pain

5. Controls abnormal uterine bleeding

6. Relieves Inflammation of ovaries Cyst

7. Helpful for Pelvic Inflammatory diseases (PIDs)

8. Relieves vaginitis

9. Vaginal bleeding caused by the upper birth ring

10. Promotes blood circulation and regulates menstruation.

11. Effective for amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and abdominal pain due to blood stasis during post-natal.

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